12mm Offset D Steel Locksafe Karabiner

12mm Offset D Steel Locksafe Karabiner 4 out of 5 based on 39 ratings.

The DMM Offset D is a steel locksafe karabiner which is ideal for general use in high strength environments. Manufactured using cold forged and fully heat treated steel with a zinc plating which offers additional resistance to corrosion.

Offset D carabiner for optimal loading and ergonomics; Offset D carabiner for optimal loading and ergonomics; 12mm bar section for maximum strength; Cold forged and heat treated steel for high strength and durability; 12mm Offset D

DMM 12mm Offset D Steel Locksafe Karabiner. This DMM 12mm heavy duty karabiner is designed for strength and durability. Features. Approved to EN362:2004/B; Offset D.

The DMM 12mm Offset D is a locking steel karabiner that has vast amounts of strength. It is ideal for use in the commercial environment such as work positioning, and work restraint, It is also perfect in the more conventional markets of Outdoor Adventure Parks or Outdoor Education Centres.

Mens Geonre Fleece Big Boa Hms 30kn Locksafe Karabiner Colour Pack An I-Beam back construction on the 30kN Big Boa HMS Locksafe Karabiner from DMM reduces the weight by almost 25%. The significantly large size can accommodate multiple knots whilst the clean nose prevents hang-ups. With an impressive closed gate strength it is robust enough to cope with

12mm Offset D. The Offset D encourages correct loading through its shape, and is made from 12mm bar that gives it a 45kN major axis strength rating. An extended top bar makes it easier to use and attach knots and devices.

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