10mm Equal D Steel Screwgate Karabiner

10mm Equal D Steel Screwgate Karabiner 4.5 out of 5 based on 52 ratings.

10mm Equal D Steel Screwgate Karabiner £ 12.00 inc. Tax This is a great workhorse krab, we use them for connection to hangers when rigging due to the bombproof durability – also good for some hyper-gravity training when jugging (not really).

If you need the durability and strength of a steel Screwgate, but want to keep the weight down, then this is a good option.

10mm Equal D. The Equal D is a functional carabiner that can be successfully used in a wide variety of rigging systems.

10mm bar balances steel’s natural strength and durability with low weight for easy transportation.

DMM051 – DMM Equal D Steel Screwgate Karabiner. Hover over the image to zoom. Click the image for a popup. Email a Friend About This Item: A long standing favourite in the DMM height safety range, the 10mm steel Equal D connector strikes a perfect balance between strength, weight and useability. The subtle D shaped back design helps maximise.

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The DMM 10mm Equal D is a compact lightweigth steel carabiner that offers great strength, with a reduction of weigth. This is perfect for using when you want to keep the weight down.

DMM 10mm Equal D Steel Screwgate Carabiner. 0. 0 (Be the first to add a review!) DMM 10mm Equal D Steel Screwgate Carabiner. £11.05. £13.00. 15% off.

This quality steel 10mm equal D carabiner provides a large internal volume whilst minimising the overall dimensions. It is best suited to applications where a small, strong and rugged.

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